2020 - Jimmy Law Contemporary



In 2020, modern artist Jimmy Law revealed an awe-inspiring collection, highlighting his distinctive style in visual storytelling. His creations fuse vivid colors, daring brushstrokes, and poignant themes that enthral the spectator and create a lasting impact.

A remarkable feature of Law’s 2020 collection is his exceptional utilization of color, expanding beyond his usual focus on female portraits. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Jimmy explored the realm of outer space and astronauts.

His color palette varies from bright shades to subdued tones, with each hue deliberately selected to elicit a particular emotion. This harmonious blend of colors not only enhances the depth and dimension of his art but also acts as a conduit for conveying the intricacies of human feelings.

During this time, Law’s artwork is distinguished by its larger-than-life subjects, often featuring intense portraits or potent abstract compositions. Each piece stands as a testament to the artist’s capacity to channel raw emotion, converting it into a visual language that surpasses cultural and linguistic boundaries.